CIO-SP3: Contract Information

CIO-SP3 CIO-SP3 Small Business

Program Overview:

The Department of Health and Human Services’ National Institute of Health (NIH) manages an on-going requirement for Information Technology (IT) integration and outsourcing support services through a combination of the Chief Information Officer Solutions and Partners (CIO-SP) program. CIO-SP3 can be used by any federal agency for procurements where at least one element relates to IT. CIO-SP3 is a 10-year Government Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC). 

Program Duration:

10 years

Program Value:


(Ceiling Value)

Period of Performance:

02/04/2022 – 07/14/2022

CIO-SP3 Benefits:

Quality, Ease, Value and Speed

NITAAC's CIO-SP3 contract can be used by any federal agency for a more efficient procurement that is both faster and easier to fulfill.

CIO-SP3 Task Areas

Task Area 1 IT Services for Biomedical Research, Health Sciences, and Healthcare
Task Area 4 Outsourcing
Task Area 5 IT Operations and Maintenance
Task Area 7 Critical Infrastructure Protection and Information Assurance
Task Area 10 Software Development

Softrams CIO-SP3 Point of Contact:

Jen Baker, Program Manager

Phone: Phone: 571-223-6676


Additional Information: