Going Serverless

Journey of complete modern serverless implementation


Offer a reliable Toll-Free Number solution to help customers to provide opportunities for better quality, efficiencies in call center operations & generate additional revenues.


Softrams developed a new product for commercial customer in order to help them provide a central registry for managing Toll-Free Numbers.

The project uses modern, scalable and cloud native technologies such as On-Demand DynamoDB, Serverless Microservices using Lambda, fully integrated continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) with the ability to build Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

Client requirements, frequent product demonstrations, and client feedback were incorporated as Softrams used agile processes and modern technologies (described below) to rapidly build the product. Our technical solution incorporated open APIs to work seamlessly with existing registries, extracting data where applicable. Softrams' technical team worked closely with the client's technical team to define integration requirements, for example, the most efficient way to provide data to the existing platform, and validate that integration was successful. The overall project schedule and milestones were successfully met through the collaborative processes used in this work effort.

User Benefits

  • Pay only per use
  • No idle time costs
  • No reserved capacity costs
  • Autoscaling: Scale automatically per usage
User Benefits

AWS Lambda Benefits

AWS Lambda is an event-driven, serverless computing platform provided by Amazon as a part of the Amazon Web Services.

It has access to all AWS services and Polyglot support such as:

golang python nodejs hashtag java


  • Limited server lifetime
  • Automatic security patching per-request authentication/ACL and audit trail
  • Autonomous DDoS/threat protection layer for external requests via API gateway
  • VPC aware
  • Access to all AWS services via IAM/Policy controls


  • Billing at millisecond granularity
  • No ‘cold’ start charges
  • Charge per request processed
  • First 1M/400,000 GBs are processed for free each month
  • $0.20 per each million requests
  • $0.16 per each 10000 GBs
User Benefits

Our Challenge

  • Deliver a working product using accelerated agile and iterative practices
  • Support 'API first' design principles
  • Security services built in to support business requirements


Softrams meets the Challenge

Softrams met the challenge through a human-centered design (HCD) approach, an Amplify Stack backed by DynamoDB, Robot automation testing, DevSecOps, and Agile development.



Softrams is building the application through IaC - Infrastructure as a Code



Softrams built a high availability environment with inherent fault tolerance and disaster recovery to maximize performance



Security is provided through access & authentication features for users plus API key management


Our Results

The product was iteratively developed in six 2-week sprints. Feedback was gathered, analyzed, and incorporated from product demonstrations and client usability testing at the end of each sprint. The product was delivered for final client and partner testing at the end of the development sprints.

Features incorporated include:

  • Serverless Microservices-based architecture leveraging AWS Lambda.
  • SonarQube used to enforce code coverage; Cognito for authentication and API Key Management.
  • Burp Suite and Nessus scans to integrate continuous security testing as part of DevSecOps offering.