HPMS Case Study


The journey of modernizing the HPMS System

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Our Results

Softrams used modern DevSecOps best practices for Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Configuration Management to rapidly develop and build out the AWS environments within 6 months of contract award. We delivered Phase 1, devoted to transition and application software and data migration on time. Our integrated agile teams work closely with our customers to enhance operations through additional services to support MA and PD, CMS administrative tasks, and annual updates that are designed to offer additional flexibilities and efficiencies to plan sponsors that supports quality care for program enrollees.

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  • 99 Percent of Medicare Benficiaries Have Access To At Least One Health Plan in Their Area
  • All Medicare beneficiaries Will Have Access To At Least One Stand-Alone Prescription Drug Plan.

Softrams process modernization work, where we have completed Lift and Shift activities to move the current data, modules, and system components into the cloud, continues to support the CMS mission through ongoing O&M to optimize data structures, modules and systems components and development of new applications that support additional plan choices for Medicare Advantage and Part D enrollees.

Working to meet ongoing project goals

Processes to monitor and optimize system performance on a continuous basis.

  • AWS Cloud Watch, New Relic and Splunk for monitoring
  • Splunk for log aggregation, S3 for log backups, and Cloud Trail for AWS Service auditing
  • New Relic, Pager Duty, and Splunk monitoring in multiple environments (Dev/Test, Val, Prod)

A flexible data architecture to accommodate future program requirements and growth.

  • Consolidated schemas align to program requirements
  • Scalable databases support modern, microservice-based architecture
  • Scalable, secure File Server to support electronic file transfer

Compliance with all CMS and other Federal requirements.

  • Security consideration and early integration into the system development life cycle via agency gate reviews
  • Technology is FedRamp certified and agency approved
  • Security Control Assessment (SCA) process to gain authority to operate (ATO)