Another Contract Win

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Zara Ikram
April 9, 2021 452 views

Team looking towards "Great News"

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) awarded to Softrams, LLC a Task Order contract for the development of a modern Medicaid Drug Programs (MDP) suite of products. The Softrams team includes subcontracting partners Mathematica Inc., Agile Six Applications Inc., and Rainmakers Strategic Solutions, LLC. Team Softrams operates in a badge less environment to provide a human-centered design development approach using Agile methods and best practices. 

MDP is a major development effort within the enterprise Medicaid and Children Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Business Information Solution (MACBIS) system that CMS uses to manage the Federal-State jointly funded Medicaid outpatient prescription drug programs for low-income individuals and families. The modernized system is assuming the responsibilities and business functions previously provided by the mission-critical Medicaid Drug Rebate (MDR), the Federal Upper Payment Limit (FUL), the Drug Data Reporting (DDR), and Drug Utilization Review (DUR) systems.

Team Softrams’ collaborative approach will deliver comprehensive IT support services, including software design, development, testing, and operations of the MDP product suite. We will design and enhance intuitive MDP system workflows, processes, and functionality for enhanced analytics, data sharing, and a reduction in administrative burden for all stakeholders. Our goal is to accelerate digital transformation for the MDP product suite, and we hope to continue this momentous work across the federal sector. Our approach enables us to rethink how technology facilitates our collective work as we stand by our commitment to bring positive change for all.   

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