HPMS Wins FedHealthIT Innovation Award

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Zara Ikram
June 21, 2021 325 views

FedHealthIT Innovation awarded to HPMS Program

HPMS Selected for the 2021 FedHealthIT Innovation Award

Softrams mission driven innovative work has been recognized by FedHealthIT, which seeks to honor innovation across the federal health sector. Health Plan Management System (HPMS) has been selected as a recipient of the 7th Annual FedHealthIT Innovation Awards which recognizes and celebrates the federal health technology and consulting community by highlighting programs that are peer-nominated for driving innovation and results. These programs are selected from the Department of Veterans Affairs, Military Health, Health and Human Services, and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. HPMS will be recognized at the 7th Annual FedHealthIT Innovation Awards on June 22 – 23, 2021, along with additional noteworthy winners. There is still time to register for the FHIT award ceremony at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2021-fedhealthit-innovation-awards-tickets-150921902473.

The successful migration of the HPMS system to the cloud with continued incremental modernization of its platform has been no small undertaking. The Softrams team used a Modern Software Engineering (MSE) approach with a cloud-first API development strategy and agile development techniques to modernize HPMS. This enabled HPMS to provide an all-new digital one-stop solution for Medicare Advantage (MA) and Prescription Drug (Part D) health plans. The system handles various end-user interactions in a modernized cloud infrastructure and modern suite of tools and technologies. By overcoming challenges to rapidly build, test, and deploy legacy ASP and .NET modules, the HPMS team delivered tangible results in record time. Softrams was able to convert 20+ legacy ASP modules into modern technologies and implemented modernization into HPMS for delivering better digital service for MA and Part D user community.

This distinction reenergizes and revitalizes us to remain cognizant of the immense work and responsibility that lay ahead for us as we continue our journey of bringing positive change for all.

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