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Jillian Flinspach
June 23, 2021 190 views

Are we properly utilizing all the amazing features and functionalities that Jira Test Management tools have to offer?

How do we define the ideal test management tool?

An ideal test management tool must have the following feature set – creation of projects, allotment of roles and responsibilities to a variety of users, creation of test plans, create test cases, generation of reports, to name a few. Test management tools are famous for saving testers’ time in the process of testing, along with the simplification of testing procedures.

Test Management done effectively with JIRA:

Project CreationJira provides us with a variety of customizable functions which are truly dedicated to testing management, making creation of projects time efficient and profoundly manageable.

Problem Type CreationThis step is done to decide which test management functions can be included in the project. This includes, a requirement list, test case, test plan, defect management, etc. These features are the most important ones in any test management tool and can be created as problem types in Jira. Depending on the number of functions required, we can create its problem type for each function.

Screen Creation Jira has enabled us to design our screens by selecting fields that align with our testing and project requirements. With the help of this function, we as software firms, are now able to create a separate screen for each function, which in turn is the type of question we are discussing. If the fields that we want to be displayed on the screen are not available by default, then Jira provides us with the option to create custom fields. Here at Softrams, customizations are key, and we need as many as we can get 😊.

WorkflowJira also enables us to create a separate workflow for each function (issue type) and associate it with the project. With the help of this function, a similar project can also be operated according to multiple workflows, each of which is specific to its function. In the case of many organizations, all functions such as requirements, test plans, test cases, and defect management will have separate workflows.

Report CreationJira enables us to create reports in multiple formats. For example – pie charts, statistical tables, graphs, etc. Customizations are also available when creating these reports, just like many other features Jira offers to make test management run proficiently for developers working in agile environments.

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