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Zara Ikram
June 28, 2021 401 views

Softrams partners with Morgan State University

Softrams is pleased to partner with Morgan State University for collaboration on the design and development of a prototype analytical solution. The collaboration is intended to involve the participation of both faculty and students.  

The solution focuses on the use of machine learning in cloud cybersecurity with open-source technologies. Internet-based cloud communications (e.g., mobile, remote) may involve the sharing of protected confidential information and other sensitive data. Machine learning provides the power to analyze patterns in network traffic and support the detection of threats. Reliable threat detection can help prevent unauthorized entities from finding vulnerabilities and gaining access to the confidential data.   

About Morgan State University: Founded in 1867, Morgan State University is a Carnegie-classified doctoral research institution providing higher education to a multiethnic, multiracial, multinational student body that offers more than 125 academic programs from baccalaureate degrees to doctorate. Morgan is among the nation’s most diverse Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), and the largest in Maryland.   

The Softrams and Morgan State University partnership seeks to address innovative pioneering solutions for the benefit of Morgan’s student body and ultimately the community we serve. Several additional projects are planned. 

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