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Bill Jones
October 27, 2021 155 views

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Have you ever been asked the following question: How do you stay current with cybersecurity threats and news? If the answer is no, then you’ll be asked at some point, including now! How do you stay current with cybersecurity threats and news? Let us know as well and together we can help spread the information. With October being Cybersecurity Awareness Month, I thought it would be nice to share a few of my favorite methods of remaining updated with threats and news.

Specific to News, Analysis, and Research.

US-Cert Vulnerability Summaries – A great way to remain updated on a weekly basis of reported vulnerabilities impacting but not limited to Operating Systems and Application Software. The weekly bulletin can give you great insight into your own threat landscape including your home network. You can subscribe to their bulletins and receive them weekly in your email inbox.

CSO – A nice informational website to have in your toolbox to read updates and gather some additional insight into what is going on in the Cybersecurity world. They do have a paid subscription but I find the free browsing and reading is more than sufficient to remain updated on current events. CSO provides news, analysis, and research on security and risk management.

Threatpost – Another great website to read news, analysis, and research articles as they happen! If you want to sleep at night then you’d probably want to limit reading this website to about 15 minutes maximum. I suppose in the field of Cybersecurity we hardly sleep anyway, so binge-read at your liberty!

KrebsonSecurity – One of the top sites I browse daily to see if there are any emerging zero-day attacks. If you don’t want to subscribe to Microsoft patch bulletins, you’ll find a nice Tuesday patch article here to consume.

FBI Cyber News – A great way to catch some articles that might not be reported on other outlets. What I like about these articles is how they vary between events but at times have really great recommendations.

Additional Resources

This is a nice list to get you started with receiving news content related to Cybersecurity events and to help you in your journey to remaining informed on World issues impacting security globally. But that’s not all! There are additional resources available to you. I don’t venture much on Social Media but I do keep tabs on a few accounts that are immensely helpful. So, with that said I’ve compiled a list of my top five Twitter accounts I like to follow and receive some quick alerts and information related to Cybersecurity events. I won’t mention the obvious FBI, and US-Cert accounts, you can easily search for those.

Twitter Accounts to Follow

@SecurityNewsbot – Great way to get a quick alert on some activity related to Cybersecurity events.

@VulmonFeeds – A great way to get quick alerts on vulnerabilities (CVE related).

@PhishStats – A great way to see what’s going on with new websites hosting phishing activity.

@CVEnew – Another way to check up on quick alerts with CVE related vulnerability content.

@CISAInfraSec – Great way to stay updated on CISA posts related to infrastructure security.

I also think there should be a worthy mention of something else that is very important. How do you get information about new tools to test out or try for various Cybersecurity activities? Here are a few additional Twitter accounts you can follow where you’ll get some great tool recommendations to add to your arsenal.

@LSELabs – Tweets are related to security tools and contain links with decent reviews with further information for obtaining the tool from a typical git repository.

@KitPloit – More tools but also scripts that are great to monitor.

I do hope this short blurb about informational awareness sources can help you get some additional information to aid in your efforts to combat the ever-changing threat landscape. We look forward to your recommended sources as well! Together we can make the world safer by sharing resources.

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