Delivering Human-Centered Digital Services


Human Experience Design (HX)

With our experienced HX design experts, we develop human-centric digital strategies for efficient and enjoyable Human Experiences, through our innovative HX Journey in our HX Studio.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

By crafting conversational personalities and interfaces capable of understanding and responding to natural language, we help our clients grow 1:1 relationships with millions of individual consumers simultaneously.

Cloud Development

The benefits of cloud computing have been widely touted – business agility, scalability, efficiency, and cost savings, among the top – and companies are making moves at a growing rate.

Security Management

Network security. Cyber security. Endpoint security. These different, often overlapping arms of IT security can get confusing. We are here to untangle everything for you.

1-Day Design Sprint

Experience our Industry leading, 1-day design sprint that leverages the agile environment. Walk in with your problem and walk out with a solution in hand.

Human Experience (HX) design is the process of understanding the needs and goals of your users and providing the most pleasant and efficient experience possible.

Our methods focus on real outcomes instead of outputs, fast iterations based on usability testing, and quick retros to improve future sprints.

App Foundry

The Softrams “Idea Lab” and collaboration space in Woodlawn, MD, where we focus on solving our customers’ challenges and pain points using proven, innovative technologies and simple, usable digital services.

We take pride in proactively offering design sprints for our customers and enabling them with possibilities for their business challenges..

We build technology and process accelerator tailored to our customer needs to rapidly enable solutions, improve ROI, and reduce time to market. We develop containerized Microservices-based architecture to support ‘API first’ design principles. Our passion for code quality, implementation of best practices, and automated testing assures successful delivery for our clients.

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